The Handler: A hinge for downspout extensions.

Mowing and trimming is a breeze with flup up's!
Flip Up

Flip Up Hinged
Landscape Saver

Flip up with our "Designer" splash pad
Flip up with Splash Pad

Handle those landscape structures with the fold-backs.
Fold Back

Downspout Extension Latch
also available.

The Handler is designed for conventional downspout extensions. Its design allows it to be used in different applications to solve most all of your extension needs and to hold up to the abuse that the extensions are subject to. It also has a locking tab that keeps the extension in the up position until you want it down. These pictures show it's many applications.
[Patent No. 5,735,085]

Made of .040 steel and coated with a baked on powder coated finish (the toughest paint available)

Colors: White, Royal Brown, Clay, Cream & Sandstone.

2x3 A & B

3x4 A & B

The Hinges are designed for downspout extensions. They come with Locking Tabs so the extensions stay up when raised.

The Downspout Extension Latch is now available with the flip-up hinges.
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14 colors available.
Sizes; 2x3 & 3x4 both "A" & "B" style.

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A hinged downspout extension is a excellent way to move the water from you gutter system away from you homes foundation and still gives you the convenience of unobstructed lawn maintenance. We recommend that the downspout elbow be installed 12" above the sod (as shown in photo above); this will make for easier grass trimming, and will prevent damaging the elbow and extension with mowing equipment.

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User-Friendly Kit                       Click Here to View Color Chart

A" style brings downspout extension out straight into your yard. (Pic. above right)

"B" style brings downspout extension out at a right or left angle. (Pic.above left)

Just slip it on your existing elbow as shown in bottom left picture and secure with screws (provided). Available in "A" or B style.

All User-friendly & come with a Downspout Extension Latch.

Slide your existing extension on the kit and you have a flip-up.

downspout extensionPicture of a installed hinge kit
and extension.


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Downspout Extension Units

Unit comes with hinge and locking tab installed and is available in 3& 4  foot extensions or we can custom cut them for you to the length you need. These are available in 2" x 3" pipe and 3" x 4" pipe. These units come in A's or B's (right angle) in 14 colors.

All Downspout Extenison Units come with a Downspout Extension Latch.

   Simply slide hinged extension on your existing elbow and secure with 2 self starting screws (Provided). When ordering desired length, measure from opening of elbow.

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The “HANDLER” at work !!

The “Handler” along with the “Designer” low profile splash block from the start has made a difference for countless home-owners in aiding them in their lawn and gutter maintenance. We are also happy to say that many Housing and Building developers along with Seamless Gutter installers are currently installing them on every new home they build and gutter replacement job.

With introduction to such businesses as condos, town houses, rental apartment complexes and even the Hotel, Motel enterprises where maintenance is an expense and appearance is a factor, the two products have come through not as a convenience but as a cost reduction product. It is saving in lawn maintenance time, and on wear and tear of extensions. The general appearance of the properties is improved, by NO MORE smashed up downspout extensions.

The Handler and Designer splash pads are an inexpensive, effective product for your rain gutter system.

Extensions down resting on splash pads. The splash pads keep extensions from obstructing walkways for snow removal and less customer liability. Extensions (6' long) raised, ready for lawn maintenance.

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