Ice, Critters, Snow and Black Streaks

Ice Damming

icedam1.gif (12886 bytes)

This drawing courtesy AMERICAN GUTTER CLEANING, CO.
Tewksbury, MA 01876

  This drawing is a excellent illustration of ice damming and the amount of damage that can be incurred on your home. When a large amount of snow accumulates on the roof of a building, the snow will act as a insulator to the outside cold and heat loss from within the building do to lack of enough insulation and poor attic ventilation, will warm the roof and thawing will result. When this melted snow runs down the roof and reaches the roof over hang it begins to freeze because there is the absents of heat and freezing begins.

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     Heat tapes can also aid the the prevention of ice damming and keep your gutters working properly,  but insulation and attic ventilation problems should be address first to minimize the problem of ice damming.
Click on the link below to review gutter heat tapes.

Robin2a.jpg (12959 bytes)

What do you do when Mr. & Mrs. Robin 
make your downspout a base for their home??

If they're already established just leave them alone and let Mother Nature run it's course. The world will be a better place to live.

Robin2b.jpg (10488 bytes)

But next spring you can try this trick. Clean away the old nest and clean the downspout, then before they start their nest tie a cord to the soffit and let it down as in the picture.

They do not like anything hanging or swinging over their head and will find a better place to nest.

guttcleaner.jpg (10419 bytes) 16 oz. ready to use, just spray on and wipe off with clean damp cloth. Streak Getter

Gutter Cleaner that removes those hard to remove black streaks, commonly called Tiger Strips.

More Information click here.

Available in 32 0z. & 64 oz. refills also.

Snow Guards

snowga3.jpg (1266 bytes)Snow guards come in a verity of sizes, shapes and material. snowga2.jpg (1278 bytes) They are available for every type of roofing material along with it's respective application and  range widely in prices. They can be very helpful at keeping snow and ice from dislodging and sliding off the roof and damaging the gutter. You may click on the link below and view all the many styles available.

These unique snow guards offered by Snow Gems offers a design that made it adaptable to a wide variety of applications.
Available in a wide range of colors to match your colored steel roofing.

You can view more at their web site

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