Gutter Downspout Hinges, Flip-Up Hinges, & Hinged Extensions
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Gutter Downspout Hinges, Flip-Up Hinges, & Hinged Extensions

Downspout Hinges

Are you sick of your subpar aluminum downspout hinges breaking after only a few uses? Tired of jumping through hoops to get your old hinges and flip up gutter extensions replaced? It's time for an upgrade that will last! You need the kind of support that only powder coated, galvanized steel can offer!

Our flip-up Hinges, Hinge Kits, and Downspout Hinge Extensions have been a leading product and are unsurpassed for quality with over 1,000,000 SOLD and installed by the Seamless Gutter Installation Industry.

Do You Love a Good DIY Project?

We have what you need! If you are comfortable cutting to fit your needs, try our Basic Hinge. If you don't want to bother with the tin snips, you'll love our pre-assembled Hinge Kits. If simplicity of the process is your style, it only takes two screws to install our Hinged Downspout Extensions!

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