Downspout to Downspout Adapter
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3x4 to 2x3 Downspout to Downspout Adapter

3x4 to 2x3 Downspout to Downspout Adapter
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Maintain Optimal Drainage with Gutterworks' Adapters

Gutterworks offers a simple yet essential solution for transitioning your drainage system: the 3x4 to 2x3 Downspout to Downspout Adapter. This high-quality, made-in-Iowa adapter seamlessly connects a larger 3x4 downspout to a smaller 2x3 downspout, ensuring proper water flow and preventing potential damage to your property.

Expert Functionality for Your Gutter System

This durable adapter guarantees a secure fit and the offset design keeps the 2x3 downspout flush against the wall, maintaining a clean aesthetic. This adapter eliminates awkward transitions or excessive crimping, ensuring a professional-looking and functional drainage system.

Efficient Rainwater Channeling, Year-Round

The 3x4 to 2x3 Downspout Adapter effectively channels rainwater from your roof to the ground, preventing water from pooling around your foundation. This helps protect your home from potential water damage, including basement flooding, leaks, and foundation erosion.

American Quality, Unmatched Selection

At Gutterworks, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient drainage system. We offer American-made gutter products, including downspout accessories and adapters, to meet all your specific needs. Our commitment to Iowa manufacturing ensures superior quality and exceptional durability.

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