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Landscape Savers

Landscape Savers are designed to lower the force of the water as it exits the downspout.
2 models available
2 sizes 2x3 & 3x4
2 Styles "A" & "B"
There are two styles of downspout elbows, A & B. The LandscapeSavers attach to the elbows.
Style A is when the widest side (3" or 4") of downspout which would be on top & (2"or3") on the side.
Style B is when the narrowest side 2" or 3" of downspout which would be on top and the 3"or4" on the side.

As you face your downspout the elbow at the bottom would come straight
out at you for a "A" style.
The B would turn the downspout off to the right or left as you face it.

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