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Landscape Master

The Landscape Master splash block and Landscape Savers have stages of baffles constructed inside them. The first set of /\ shaped baffles redirects and breaks up the stream of water as it exits the existing downspout and thus taking away some of the waters force. The second stage of /\ shaped baffles again redirects the water and again slows and reduces the force of the water but also forces water to the outward parameter of each specially designed product which causes the water when to exit these products in a flatter fanned stream with out water back up.

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The Landscape Master is a well designed splash block that reduces the waters force as it exits the bottom of your downspout to eliminate erosion of your landscape material and yard. The Landscape Master comes equipped to fit a 2x3 or 3x4 Downspout pipe.
Dimension 14" wide x 12" long x 4" high.

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