Leaf Guards Provide Year-Round Protection For Your Gutters
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Leaf Guards for Reliable Gutter Protection

As the industry-leading gutter supplier, Gutterworks works hard to provide our customers with the highest quality gutter products and gutter accessories on the market today. As part of our comprehensive gutter supplies catalog, we proudly carry several rain gutter guard systems to protect your property from the water damage that can result from chronically clogged and overflowing gutters. 

Do I need to purchase leaf guards for my gutters?

Clogged gutters can be a real nuisance to homeowners with trees on their properties. If you have trees near your home, investing in a gutter protection system will prevent leaves and debris from obstructing the flow of your gutter systems and save you time or money spent on regular gutter cleaning. 


Our drop-in leaf guards are a cost-effective and easy-to-install option for both existing and new gutter systems, making them a great choice for the DIY homeowner. Manufactured with smaller inlet holes, our drop-in gutter guards are much more efficient at filtering debris and leaves than similar products offered by big box home improvement stores. 


Available in case lots of 25 only, these premier gutter covers from Gutterworks are among the best options for protecting your system and eliminating costly gutter cleaning services. With sections measuring 4 feet long and 6 ½” wide, these high-quality gutter guards are the perfect addition to an existing or new gutter installation for your home or business. Available in 9 colors, there is sure to be an option to compliment your building’s exterior. 


Available in Copper and custom sizes less than 5" & 6"!  Please Call 888-376-6871 and ask for Randy or e-mail sales@gutterworks.com for samples and pricing.

Shur Flo Leaf Guards put an end to clogged, overflowing gutters caused by leaves, pine needles, and debris. Easily installed on the most common types of gutters, these aluminum gutter leaf guards provide reliable and long-lasting protection against flooded basements, foundation damage, or waterlogged landscaping. Available in three different sizes to fit the most common K-style gutters, you will be sure to find an option that works for your system. 


Shur Flo Step Down gutter panels are used with speed-screw-type hangers to protect your gutters from pine needles, debris, and leaves. These durable aluminum leaf filters are available in 5” or 6” options to fit the most common K-style gutters used today. With color options in mill finish, white, or black you will be sure to find a color option that compliments your home or building. Available only in case lots of 50, these 4-foot-long panels can be quickly installed by a professional installer or experienced DIY homeowner.


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