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Round Copper Offset Diverter

Round Copper Offset Downspout Diverter
SKU: DVCR-OS Copper Round Offset Diverter

What sets our gutter products apart is not just their quality, but the fact that they are crafted by skilled American labor. We prioritize supporting local communities and the national economy by keeping our manufacturing processes within the borders of the USA. When you choose our round copper offset diverter, you're investing in a reliable drainage system and contributing to the strength of American manufacturing.

The Offset diverter allows one leg of the diverter to offset to the barrel for filling. Just flip the lever and run unwanted water down your existing downspout when your barrel is full.

This product allows you to place your rain barrel off to the left or right when landscaping material or shrubbery is in front of the downspout. 

The Offset comes with 4 pieces; 1-diverter, 1- offset elbow (ledge jumper) and 2-elbows (1 that is 75 degrees & 1 that is 90 degrees).

For questions or help with pallet quantities call 888-376-6871- ask for Randy

To make installation easy - Don't forget to add Magnetic Nut Drivers to your order!

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