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Leaking Gutters

Are your gutters leaking? Are you sick and tired of your gutters not working properly?

Similar to loose gutters, leaking gutters can lead to other components of your house getting wet and damaged. Leaking water can cause damage to your roof, fascia, and foundation, resulting in greater problems and expenses. Fix your gutter before a bigger problem arises!











Learn how to fix a leaky gutter! We offer a gutter sealant and seam sealer that are the perfect products for you!

Our gutter sealant stop leaks, seal cracks, and mends broken seams using its weather-resistant formula. It comes in a 10.3 oz. caulking gun tube with a 3 1/2" long applicator. The applicator gives you that extra length you sometimes need when sealing corners. Our gutter sealants are available in three colors: white, aluminum gray, and clear.

Our seam sealer is recommended for sealing openings less than 1/8 inch. It is an effective sealant against water, chemicals, air, and even dirt! It can be used for sealing seams in gutters, downspouts, roof and chimney flashings, troughs, wood, concrete, ceramic, brick, metal, stone, masonry, marble, and glass. Ruscoe #1 Seam Sealer is recommended for sealing horizontal and lap seams only. This product is available in the colors aluminum gray and clear.

Contact us today with any questions regarding leaking gutters, gutter sealant, or seam sealer!

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