Streaky Gutters
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Streaky Gutters

Do you have streaky gutters? Are you tired of your gutters looking dirty?


The black streaks are a result of electrostatic bonding of tar and asphalt from roofing material and other debris to the aluminum metal of your gutter. "Streak Getter" will break down this bond, which allows you to remove the unwanted streaks with little effort (NO SCRUBBING!). These streaks are not a stain, it's just one form of material bonded to another.

Streak Getter is biodegradable and safe to use around plants! It is available in Regular Strength, which when properly used will clean around 1,200 feet of gutter, as well as Concentrate, which when properly used will clean around 3,600 feet of gutter. 

Bonus Use: Streak Getter can remove streaks on anything made of aluminum such as campers, boats, toppers, window frames, and more!



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