Debris in your downspout
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Debris In Your Downspout

Does your downspout look like this?


If water isn't draining through your downspout, it is mostly clogged. Some signs of a clogged downspout include:

  • Overflowing water in your gutters

  • Leaking downspout seams

  • Weak runoff

To remove the debris, detach your downspout and clear it out. Remove all of the dry leaves, twigs, and pine needles. Rinse out the downspout as well as your gutter system before reassembling.


To avoid this mess in the future, we have the solution for you! Our downspout debris filters and basket strainers will help keep your downspout clean of debris. Debris filters are used to keep debris from entering your underground drain system or rain barrels. The wall-mount model is designed to be inserted into your downspout to filter the debris coming down, whereas the barrel-mount model can be mounted on the top of your rain barrel to filter the debris before it enters the barrel.

Image of downspout filter attached to house  Image of downspout filter on top of barrel

Our downspout basket strainers allow water to flow into the downspout while filtering out debris. The expandable design makes it easy to install on gutter systems of various sizes. Our basket strainers come in two different sizes depending on your gutter system.

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