How to Fix Broken Downspout Hinges
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Broken Downspout Hinges

Are you having problems with your downspout hinges? Stop jumping through hoops to get your old hinges and gutter extensions replaced!



Here at Gutterworks, we have several products for you to choose from! Our pre-assembled Hinge Kits are perfect for someone looking for a hands-off option. Although if you enjoy a DIY project, we suggest you try out our Basic Hinge. If you are short on time, our Hinged Downspout Extensions only take two screws to install! With over 1,000,000 sold and installed by the Seamless Gutter Installation Industry, these products will not disappoint.

  Picture of Downspout Fip-Up HingePhoto of Downspout Hinged ExtensionsImage of Downspout Hinge Kit

For more information about Flip-Up Hinge styles and sizes, visit Gutter Downspout Hinges, Flip-Up Hinges, & Hinged Extensions!

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