Removing Black Streaks from Gutters
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How To Remove Black Streaks From Gutters

How many times have you looked up at your gutter and fascia cover and wished you could find a product that will take off those ugly looking black streaks commonly called "Tiger Stripes"?

This is a product that will remove them with remarkable ease. You just spray it on, let sit for a few moments and then wipe it off with a damp clean cloth or rinse with clean water. Your gutter will look as good as new!! You will find it works on anything made of Aluminum such as campers, boats, toppers, window frames, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is temperature-sensitive and will not be effective if the temperature is 70 degrees or less. The warmer it is outside the better it works!!

The black streaks are a result of electrostatic bonding of tar & asphalt from roofing material and other debris to aluminum metal material. "Streak Getter" will break down this bond which will allow you to remove the unwanted streaks off your Aluminum gutter with little effort (NO SCRUBBING). These streaks are not a stain, it's just one form of material bonded to another.

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