What You Need to Install Gutters
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The Ultimate Gutter Installation Checklist

Looking to replace your gutters or install new gutter system components? DIY gutter replacement can save you a lot of money and be a great home improvement project. You’ve got your tools, but do you have all the necessary gutter system components? Check these items off your shopping list, and you’ll be ready to install your own gutters!

Gutter Sealants

Sealants are one of the most important tools required for any gutter installation project. Gutter sealant is used for securing end caps, sealing corners and gaps, and more while also forming a watertight barrier to prevent any leaks. 

gutter sealant from Gutterworks

Nut Drivers

Nut drivers are essential for attaching and tightening various gutter system components together. Gutterworks sells magnetic nut drivers to help make your gutter installation project faster and easier! Don’t forget your gutter screws and ferrules!

magnetic nut drivers from Gutterworks


Hangers securely attach your rain gutters to your fascia, preventing them from shifting or falling. Gutterworks offers some of the best gutter hangers on the market. We offer hidden gutter hangers in aluminum and brass, as well as roof apron hangers (often called toboggans).

gutter hangers from Gutterworks

End Caps

End caps close off the ends of your gutters, keeping water and debris from flowing out. We have pre-finished aluminum end caps for both 5” K-Style gutters and 6” K-Style gutters. Make sure to seal your end caps with gutter sealant from the inside of the gutter.

gutter end caps from Gutterworks

Miter Strips or Box Miters

Miters join a corner, where the greatest chance of a leak occurs. Box miters, also known as pre-manufactured corners, come in a single piece and easily attach to your guttering runs. Miter strips are narrow pieces of aluminum that seamlessly fit over gutter seams and screws into both gutters.

gutter box miter from Gutterworks   gutter miter strips from Gutterworks


Downspout elbows direct drainage from your gutter system away from your home. We offer a variety of aluminum gutter elbows, including A-style downspout elbows, B-style downspout elbows, and offset elbows (ledge jumpers). Our downspout elbow styles come in a variety of colors and sizes to meet your specific gutter system needs. Learn how to tell if you need a style "A" downspout elbow or a style "B" elbow.

gutter downspout elbows fromm Gutterworks

Pipe Clips or Pipe Straps

Pipe clips and pipe straps help to secure your downspout in place. Pipe clips are secured to the building, and then the downspout is placed into the clip saddle and secured. Pipe straps come as a flat band and are secured to the building and then wrapped around the sides of the downspout.

gutter pipe clips from Gutterworks   gutter pipe straps from Gutterworks


Gutter outlets are the transition piece that connects your gutters to your downspouts. Gutterworks offers a wide variety of drop outlets in different shapes and materials. We offer both aluminum outlets and plastic outlets as well as both round and rectangle outlets. Our own patented innovation, the Maxx Flo Outlet, is designed to prevent clogged downspouts and comes complete with an installation template, screws, and instructions!

gutter outlets from Gutterworks

Downspout Adapters 

Downspout tile adapters make the transition from rectangle or square downspouts to underground drain tiles. Downspout to downspout adapters are molded to seamlessly fit into your downspout system, blending in and matching perfectly.

downspout tile adapters from Gutterworks

Touch Up Paint

Put the finishing touch on your DIY gutter installation job with commercial-grade touch-up spray paint. Our durable touch-up spray is the same product used by professional gutter installers and is ideal for putting the finishing touches on your gutters, downspouts, and other gutter components. Save time and money on your paint job with 14 sleek, full-coverage color options.

gutter paint from Gutterworks

Gutter System Add-Ons

Gutterworks provides a wide selection of gutter system components to make your gutter systems look and function better. Be sure to check out our:

Iowa Gutter Installation

If you're doing your gutter installation in Iowa, we can supply your gutter coils and downspouts. Save money on shipping by picking up your gutter coil and downspouts from our location in Barnes City, Iowa. Stop in and see us for all your gutter supply needs and expert gutter installation advice!

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