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Spring is a little over a month away and we’re ready! Our question is, are you ready? In spring we have ice and snow melting, spring rains, and mud for days. Let’s talk about just a few of the things that are gutter related that might help keep you happy and dry!    

First things first-   That relentless drip noise. Perhaps the one outside your bedroom window?  All those pesky droplets of water from melting or rain dropping at least 10 feet down to the bottom of your downspout and loudly splashing into the elbow at the bottom of your downspout! Either it keeps you awake, or you find it annoying?  We have a product that helps with that! We call them Silencers!  We build them right here at Gutterworks Mfg Inc. The product slips over the edge of your elbow and bends into place, carpet side up.   It’s a very simple install and a very economical purchase! The carpet takes the beating of the water drops instead of the noisy aluminum elbow! This is an easy homeowner install or a minor upsell for those that install gutters. After all, gutters don’t have to be basic or boring. Here’s the link:

Downspout Silencers

What’s next? Are your gutters clean and is water flowing freely from the spouts? If Fall Maintenance wasn’t built into your schedule, Spring is the time!  Even with Leaf Guard and all the gadgets, we need to make sure our gutters are healthy and in good repair. Maybe the ice build-up caused a hanger to come free or the snowblower or the shovel operator gave your downspout elbow the old disconnect?  Sometimes elbows get plugged and won’t let water escape causing water to overflow your gutters, dump on the ground immediately along your foundation and right into the basement! Is the mud splashing up against your siding looking unsightly and causing stains?  A quick walk around your home and outbuildings can save you lots of heartache and money later!   

While we agree that Gutter Products might not be as fun as a new car, we have some neat things around here that cost a lot less than a new car! We invite you to come shopping at our website at!

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