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Water Running Behind Your Installed Gutter

This page addresses the problem of water running behind your installed gutter.


This problem is common with homes that have roofs that do not have much pitch to them. For example. Most ranch-style homes have a 3-12 or 4-12 pitch roof. When the roof shingles do not extend past the metal drip edge the water will suck back on the metal drip edge ( this is called capillary action) and run behind your gutters.

NOTE: Capillary Action is a water action in which water adheres to a surface and follow the surface around. Many of the solid gutter covers are design to take advantage of this water characteristic.  

  • This problem can be solved by always placing the back of the gutter under the drip edge when you install your gutter. In order to get some fall to the gutter, you may not be able to keep the gutter under the drip edge on the low side of the gutter.
  • If your gutter has been previously installed, rather than taking it down and redoing it, you can easily place a small strip of metal flashing under the drip edge and over the back of the gutter (as shown by the drawing at the bottom of this page) so the water will shed into the gutter.
  • This problem can do extensive damage to your fascia covering and paint.
  • The flashing should be secured with screws.
  • Do not waste your time by trying to fix this problem with some caulking, you will just have to redo it again in a year or two, use the metal flashing and be done with it.

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