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Frequently Asked Gutter Questions (FAQ)

From helpful tips and tricks to commonly asked questions about our products and services, find all the answers to your gutter questions here! If you have a question about common gutter issues or generally want to learn more about our unique products, look no further than our FAQ.

What are my shipping options?

We now offer expedited shipping. Call us at 888-376-6871 for more information.

Are gutters available in different colors?

Yes! We offer a variety of gutter color choices! For a full list, take a look at our color chart page.

Why are there black streaks on my gutters?

Black streaks are a common issue on many gutters. The black streaks are a result of electrostatic bonding of tar & asphalt from roofing material and other debris to aluminum metal material. The good news is that these streaks are not a stain, it's just one form of material bonded to another, and can safely be removed.

How do I remove black streaks from my gutters?

Black streaks are a common issue with gutters (often called  "Tiger Strips"). They are not a stain and can be wiped off safely using the proper products.

Our Streak Getter allows you to remove the unsightly streaks with little effort and no scrubbing! You just spray it on, let sit for a few moments and then wipe it off with a damp clean cloth or rinse with clean water. Your gutter will look as good as new!! You will find it works on anything made of Aluminum such as campers, boats, toppers and more!


How much does a seamless gutter system cost?

To find out what kind of prices to expect when purchasing a seamless gutter system, you'll need to evaluate quotes using our Seamless Gutter Installation Check Sheet.

Do I need to purchase a leaf guard?

If you have trees around your house, yes, you probably need to purchase a leaf guard. However, be aware before purchasing a leaf guard that there are many factors to consider. Of the 30 + different kinds of gutter guards or gutter covers marketed today, our professionals have found that only one or two will keep your gutter completely 100 % clean.

Having said that, some problems with icing over with these products do occur. Evaluate your situation first and use simple common sense and buy a proven quality gutter guard product (which is installed over the gutter) that will keep the large debris out (leaves, twigs, seeds) and allow the small debris, which enters the gutter, to flow down and out the downspout. 

For more information, please visit our Leaf Guard Purchase Tips page.

How can I predict how much water will come from my downspout?

On a 1-foot square flat surface area, one inch of rain will produce .62 gal. of water. Using this value, you can calculate the amount of water that will come down your downspout on a given rain.

Are there different downspout elbow styles?

Downspouts come in two different styles. "Type A" styled elbows come out at you, while "Type B" elbows turn to the right or left. To see an example, take a look at our A vs B styles page.

Why is my downspout so loud?

The noise you are hearing is the sound produced by water as it falls (or drips) and hits the elbow. You can silence this annoying sound with Downspout Silencers

Downspout Silencers use a matted cushion strip which absorbs the dripping noise. They are installed by removing the bottom elbow and placing the Silencer clips onto the back top of the elbow and strips down into the elbow. When the elbow is reinstalled the Silencer is secured.

How do I get rid of birds in my downspout?

Is your home is so nice that a Mama bird has decided to build her nest in your downspout? If so, here is what to do about it:

If they're already established just leave them alone and let Mother Nature run its course; however, next spring you can clean away the old nest and clean the downspout, then before they start their nest tie a cord to the soffit and let it down to hang around where the nest was. Birds are very protective of their nests and do not like anything hanging or swinging over their heads so they will find a better place to nest.

What causes ice blockages in my gutter?

Ice blockages (or Ice Dams) are created when a large amount of snow accumulates on the roof of a building the snow will act as an insulator to the outside cold and heat loss from within the building.  A lack of enough insulation and poor attic ventilation will warm the roof and thawing will result. When this melted snow runs down the roof and reaches the roof overhang it begins to freeze because there is a lack of heat and freezing begins.


How do I keep ice out of my gutter?

To keep the damming process from forming, roof heat tape can be installed in the spring; however, a quick short term solution used to stop the process is to take a pantyhose and fill it with rock salt or a de-icer product and lay it vertically over the ice dam and into the gutter. This will melt a pathway for the water to drain off the roof and into or over the gutter which will keep the ice dam from building higher.

Do you sell gutter machines or equipment?

Front Street Manufacturing does not sell, inventory or carry any gutter machines or equipment.

How do I remove my ad once I sell my machine?

To have your ad removed, please e-mail us at

Where can I locate new machine distributors?

Head to our Machine Distributors page under the Gutter Machine Trading Post section. We offer locations of machine distributors for gutter machines, manufacturers, distributors, downspout and elbow machines, roofing panel machines, siding machines, and stud machines.

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