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2x3 "A" Style Hinge Kits

2x3 "A" Style Hinge Kits

Revamp Your Drainage System with Gutterworks' Downspout Hinge Kits

Explore a new aesthetic for your drainage system with Gutterworks' user-friendly Downspout Hinge Kits. Crafted with American-made precision and durability, these kits, available in "A" or "B" styles and "2x3" or "3x4" sizes, offer a customizable solution for your gutter needs. Elevate curb appeal effortlessly with our diverse range of 14 colors, ensuring a unique look that complements your home's exterior. Trust Gutterworks as your preferred gutter supplier for top-quality residential and commercial gutter supplies.

  • Just slip the kit on your existing "A" elbow and your extension on the other end, then secure it with screws (provided).
  • "A" style brings the downspout extension out straight into your yard.
  • 14 Colors Available
  • A Downspout latch comes with each kit to keep your extension up when you raise it for lawn maintenance.

For questions or help with pallet quantities call 888-376-6871 - ask for Randy

To make installation easy - Don't forget to add Gutter Installation Tools to your order!

An image of a malco impact driver, a rolling gutter buddy, gutter coil bands and protective wraps for gutter coil. All available as a package deal from GutterWorks USA!

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