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2x3 Landscape Saver

2x3 Landscape Saver

10" Long

The Landscape Saver has two stages of baffles and a specially formed pipe in which the baffles are secured into. The first set of baffles redirects and breaks up the stream of water as it exits the existing downspout and thus taking away some of the force. The second stage again redirects the water and again slows and reduces the force of the water but also forces water to the outward parameter of the specially formed pipe which causes the water when it exits the pipe to have a flatter fanned stream.

How do I determine what style I need?
There are two styles of downspout elbows, A & B. The Landscape Savers attach to the elbows.
Style A is when the widest side (3") of downspout which would be on top & (2") on the side.
Style B is when the narrowest side (2") of downspout which would be on top & the (3") on the side.

As you face your downspout the elbow at the bottom would come straight
out at you for a "A" style.
The B would turn the downspout off to the right or left as you face it.

To make installation easy - Don't forget to add a Magnetic Nut Drivers to your order!

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