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3x4 "A" Style Hinge Kits

3x4 "A" Style Hinge Kits

Transform Your Gutter System with Gutterworks' Downspout Hinge Kits

Achieve a unique look for your drainage system with Gutterworks' Downspout Hinge Kits. Designed with DIY enthusiasts in mind, these kits, available in "A" or "B" styles and "2x3" or "3x4" sizes, showcase American-made durability and reliability. Select from our 14-color palette to customize your gutter system and enhance curb appeal effortlessly. Trust Gutterworks, the best gutter supplier for top-notch residential and commercial gutter supplies.

  • Just slip the kit on your existing "A" elbow and your existing extension on the other end, then secure it with screws (provided).
  • "A" style brings downspout extension out straight into your yard.
  • A Downspout latch comes with each kit to keep your extension up for lawn maintenance.

For questions or help with pallet quantities call 888-376-6871 - ask for Randy

To make installation easy - Don't forget to add Gutter Installation Tools to your order!

An image of a malco impact driver, a rolling gutter buddy, gutter coil bands and protective wraps for gutter coil. All available as a package deal from GutterWorks USA!

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