Open Rung - stand-offs
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Open Rung stand-offs

Ladder Stand Off & Stabilizers - Open Rung Stand-Offs
SKU: ST002 (Mfg part# ST-ORS-3)

If you're looking for a standout stabilizer that will fit in a smaller space (and a smaller budget), you'll find it in our aluminum Standout Brackets. Weighing in at only 1.5 lbs., these sturdy aluminum brackets can be attached to most extension or sectional ladders with open rungs by simply compressing the two bracket ends and slipping them into the rung openings. They are held securely in place by the tension and the angle on the bracket. To detach them, just compress and pull.

Once installed, our Standout Brackets will protect gutters and windows, and span 12 inches beyond each side of your ladder, providing a standoff distance of 12 inches.

For additional safety, they come installed with a Surface Protector Kit. The spongy tubes slide over the brackets, and are then wrapped with a special "super grip" tape, giving the Standout Brackets not only surface protection, but a high-grip surface that fights against side slippage.  The padded ends prevent building damage and added safety.

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